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Learned Ranch

McCORMICK (LEARNED) RANCH East Sonoma County, California

The 1,750 acre McCormick Ranch located northeast of Santa Rosa has been in the McCormick (Learned) family for six generations and permanently protected in cooperation with the Sonoma County Agricultural Preservation and Open Space District in 1996.  This spectacular natural preserve was added to Sugarloaf Ridge State Park and is managed by the non-profit land stewardship organization ‘Landpaths’.  The family’ wishes made it possible to allow public recreational and educational uses on 1,101 acres of land.  The agreement with the District also limits development on the 350 remaining private acres of the ranch in Sonoma County.  The property includes ridgelines over 2000 feet in elevation to deep canyons encompassing the Headwaters of Santa Rosa Creek.  Heritage maples, oaks and madrones dot the scenic landscape.

The Sonoma County Agricultural Preservation and Open Space District was formed in 1990 by a vote of the people of Sonoma County to help halt the growing loss of farmland and natural scenic landscapes in the County.  By the end of 1998 the District had protected over 11 properties totaling 28,000 acres.  For more information contact the District at (707) 524-7360